Operational Safety

Discovery Air Chile based on Safety

Our company is composed of a group of people highly selected and qualified in each of their work areas, whose purpose is to deliver the best quality, safety and efficiency to our customers.

Our aircrafts have a strict and detailed review by the Center of Aeronautical Maintenance (CMA), approved by the DGAC in Chile. We also maintain control over operational safety, which allows to perform with responsibility all our aerial works.

This is a commitment we have acquired through the certifications ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with scope in Management Systems of Operational Safety, certified in SMS by the DGAC, as well as BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) certifications, preventive policy alcohol and drugs, with the National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol (SENDA), among other certifications.

This allows us to improve substantially the performance and deliver of a better service according to the needs of our customers, to improve the defenses and the levels of safety in flight operations and maintenance of Discovery Air activities in Chile.

The result of the above is reflected in the achievement of our objectives with staff facing security with responsibility, effectiveness and efficiency, with a clear basis in their training, conducting permanent training courses in matters of aviation safety, maintaining a real awareness, experience and skill in the performance of their air operations

The security in our system is based on four fundamental pillars.

    • Our policy and objectives, contemplate commitment with the general management, with the fundamental principles we maintain, for the management of operational security, guidelines and values of the culture of the company, clearly defined in this integrated policy.
    • Operational security risk management is based on the assessment and mitigation of risks of operational safety as consequences of the risks threatening the capacities of the company, while maintaining the operational safety at an acceptable level. The before mentioned, with the use of risk matrix, analysis, assessment and mitigation of risks according to the different works we realize.
    • The operational security is based on the indication of the level of effective security in the company. Using statistics, monitoring and feedback control, it is possible to assess the effectiveness of the security system, so after this we can make changes as needed, through new implementations in our system.
    • The promotion of ooperational safety mark patterns that predispose the individual behavior of Discovery Air Chile, establishing processes and procedures that allow communication between the operational staff with the administration of the organization. This process is provided in the procedure of training and education of all staff.

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